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Ecommerce Forum, is just that, a forum full of both experts and those who are newer to trading online.


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Ecommerce Hosting. Which is the best hosting provider to use for ecommerce websites? Who has a good reputation, who should you avoid? What kind of hosting do you need? Find out here.

Advice on Building an E-commerce Website

There are many people on this earth who have a cherished dream, which is to generate massive profits by means of an ecommerce website. Unfortunately, this is a much misunderstood concept. While an ecommerce website, correctly implemented and in the right circumstances, can certainly be a money-spinner, it is not guaranteed to produce such stunning results in every case.

For those people who already have a functioning, money-earning business that does not revolve around the internet, the thought is always there in the back of their minds that an ecommerce website would be the icing on the cake, and that their profits would simply skyrocket once the website went live. In fact this is not necessarily true. Sometimes, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, and successful businessmen might be better off sticking with a proven formula rather than wasting time dabbling in websites and such.

In fact, it has been shown on many occasions that when businessmen who are web novices get obsessed with building an ecommerce website, they can easily allow their core business to suffer. In the worst case scenario, they could end up killing the goose that laid the golden egg, and be left with a nice website and one hell of a hole in the balance books to go with it! This is why business owners are advised to seek advice on building an ecommerce website before rushing into such an undertaking.

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the big secrets to building an ecommerce website is to do plenty of research before you dive in. You are advised to go at a leisurely pace, rather than expecting the website to be up and running within days and delivering huge profits straight away. You should not think of an ecommerce website as some kind of money tree, but rather as an extension of your existing business. The website should have a sound reason for being established in the first place, and it should be built in a professional manner as well.

If you have thought the matter through properly, and you decide that, despite all the potential problems, you still really want to have an ecommerce website, you must then take it forward, but only one cautious step at a time. You must understand what’s involved. To set up your website, you must buy a domain name, server space, and also the appropriate kind of software to run on it.

Running an ecommerce website is not like having a Facebook page or even selling trinkets on eBay. It is far more complex than that, and you will probably have to hire the services of someone who knows how to set up and run an ecommerce website. If you have a particular idea for the layout or structure of your website, it may be that off-the-shelf software cannot deliver exactly what you have in mind, in which case you would need to get someone to design and build the site for you. This can be rather expensive, to say the least, so you might be better off cutting your cloth to suit your coat, and instead going with a compromise solution involving use of an existing software platform.

If you are prepared to do the hard work, and follow all the necessary stages in a methodical fashion, you can build an ecommerce website, but don’t expect it to be easy.


Want to track B2B visitors to your website?

  • New b2b company tracing site in development Most, (if not all) of us have some form of statistics package installed on our website, and they are very useful. Telling us everything from how many visitors we have had, to what pages they have viewed, and what web brower they used to do it. We can check what keywords we have been found under on the search engines, and what countries our visitors are from.

    But the one thing that most of us cant do, is tell the difference between Mrs Jane Bowers, who is idly browsing and is never going to order your service, and that company who you could have sold a fortunes worth of products or services to if only you had known that it was them on your website.

    That is you couldnt until now... A brand new service that analyses the details of all the visitors to your website and identifys those that are visiting from companies has been launched.

    This service can be installed on your website with a single line of code, and doesnt affect your website's perfomance in any way.

    The price of this service hasnt yet been determined, however it will prove to be absolutely invaluable in generating leads from your own website, especially for those who offer business to business services and products. are offering UK companies a free 2 month beta test account. The service is still being developed, however you can get in early and trial the service for free, provided you are willing to provide us with feedback so that we can make this service even better.

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